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Delivering a secure and fully managed WiFi solution for any business can be complex. Sinntech are experts at installing, configuring and managing secure Wireless Networks.

Sinntech’s Network Solutions intergrate Network Access Control (NAC) which prevents unmanaged devices from spreading viruses around your business network. Network devices are scanned ensuring that anti-virus software is installed, if anti-virus software is not installed, these devices are segregated from your network. Our enterprise class Access Point Management Software allows us to remotely monitor and diagnose your network as well as deploying vital firmware and security updates.

Sinntech makes it extremely easy for you to manage Guest Networks, whether you want to charge users to use WiFi or offer Free WiFi access. There are multiple ways that you can manage Guest WiFi. You can allow users to ‘check in’ via Social Networks such as Facebook, providing endorsement and exposure to your brand.

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