cloud backup


What is cloud backup?

Our backup is disrupting the norm and changing everything you know about data management. Backup and recovery, archiving, disaster recovery, search and insight, Office365 backups and data migration can now all be managed through a single control centre, on any device.



Offload data to our highly secure cloud platform to manage and automate all your archiving requirements through a single interface. Eliminate delays in accessing archived data, whilst dramatically reducing primary storage costs and improving the ROl of existing assets.

Disaster Recovery

The survival of your business could depend on how quickly you respond and recover from a disaster. Sinntech Cloud can help you meet your recovery targets with instant recovery. Traditional backup and recovery methods could take days or even weeks to get your data back. Sinntech Cloud gives you the tools to get your users up and running instantly, while your data restores in the background.

Search and Insight

Discover, search and action the entirety of your data. Sinntech Cloud enables you to identify and mitigate data risks and reduce data storage costs by easily moving data to Sinntech Cloud’s archiving platform, which importantly has no impact on data accessibility.

Sinntech Cloud’s InstantData’” ensures all data can be streamed instantly on demand. Compliance with legislation and regulation, including the requirement to securely erase files from within backup and archive environments, is made simple and auditable.

Office 365

Protect all the Office 365 data within your organisation, directly from Microsoft’s cloud to the Sinntech Cloud cloud, all through an intuitive web interface.

Simplify and automate your data management and assign consistent protection policies across your entire data estate with one central, easy-to- use system.

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